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Beltane Celebration

It’s time to remember our beautiful, juicy, joyful selves! With this Beltane festival, we’ll celebrate
ourselves and each other.

Beltane is traditionally a celebration of the Sun, and therefore of the passion and love it represents.
In our celebration, we’ll be extending that love to ourselves. Whether you celebrate yourself daily or
that idea seems daunting to you: I promise there is something you’ll find worthy of cherishing this

I’ll bring my curated playlist and we’ll move & dance – simply for the fun of it (no dance experience
required!). There is so much hidden joy in shaking and moving: allowing yourself to be free, to let go
of expectations, to be just an expression of yourself in this moment.

How much more beautiful if you can let go and be yourself in a group of other women?

We’ll end the evening with a meditation and journaling session (a little love letter to ourselves).

Come dressed as witchy as you like, in Beltane colors (red, pink, white) and so that you feel
comfortable moving your body. There will be delicious treats to awaken the senses (no party without
something luxurious to snack!).

Invite your girlfriend, bring your sister, mother, neighbor – we’ll make a party of it!
Looking forward to celebrating together with you.
xo, Fenja

P.S. Have a question? Send me a text +31 657866027

When & Where

Thursday 2nd of May
19:30 – 21:30 pm
Studio OM, Herengracht 18 in Leiden

For tickets –> https://hipsy.nl/event/46419-beltane-celebration