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Your favorite teachers at home

What do you need: a mat, your laptop (with WiFi) and 45 minutes. It's that simple!




Our mission is simple, we’re here to make you feel good! And if offline is not possible, then we go online. Nothing can stop us from bringing some relaxation and happiness into this crazy world. 

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Schedule 5/4 till 11/4

Monday 5/4
20:00 Hatha yoga with Yvonne

Tuesday 6/4
20:00 Vinyasa yoga with Myrthe (60min)

Wednesday 7/4
20:00 hatha yoga with Jerry

Thursday 8/4
21:00 Yoga Nidra with Yvonne

Friday 9/4
09:30u Morning flow with Flow (35 min)

19:00 pregnancy yoga with Eline

Saturday 10/4
10:00 Power yoga with Anika

Sunday 11/4
no class due to photo shoot

Every monday we will plublish a new schedule.

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You are welcome to join our live stream sessions. To participate in our livestream sesions we kindly ask you to buy a livestream card or a single session. With your purchase you support our teachers and studio. Thank you!